Our training is sustainable, enjoyable, and won’t burn you out.
Brand new, or have a few notches in your lifting belt, we’ve got you.

Personal training benefits


At Arena CrossFit, our sole purpose is YOU. If you’re tired of working out alone, bored with your routine, not seeing positive changes anymore, or if you’ve never exercised in a gym atmosphere, our CrossFit personal training will change your life. CrossFit is the ultimate workout; the most effective, high-energy, fun way to meet your fitness and wellness goals. Our Arena Fitness personal trainers will motivate you to be the best you can be and not just in your training sessions but in life.


Personal training with our coaches is a fast track to success on your health and wellness journey.

After an initial assessment and chat, your chosen PT will design a program tailored to your individual needs and specifications. Then, as you begin your sessions you will be taught not only how to move safely, but also you will start to see yourself moving in ways that you never thought possible. As you improve, which you certainly will, your PT instructor will adjust your program accordingly, making sure that you NEVER plateau or feel your progress falling away. 

At Arean Fitness, our coaches are all super friendly and welcoming. You can sign up for your FREE assessment and subsequent PT package, knowing that we have your best interest at heart. We have a strong emphasis on good training morale and we will ensure you progress and look forward to your sessions as well!

We really look forward to meeting you and assisting you with all your future wellness goals. 

Contact us today if you have questions or schedule your first visit free! We look forward to meeting you… 025529002.

fast class

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Fast Class

45 minutes of high-intensity training that is functional, fun, fast, and result driven. This class will improve your strength and conditioning in a time-efficient and enjoyable way.


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A class designed for people that want to develop their stamina and cardiovascular endurance using functional movements and the full complement of equipment. Dumbells, kettlebells, and gymnastic movements are regular features of this class.


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CrossFit is a training philosophy that coaches people of all abilities to improve their physical well-being, strength, and cardiovascular fitness in a fun, challenging, and encouraging environment. 

Best for strength, fat-loss, and cardiovascular fitness


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Providing a mixture of strength and cardiovascular training that will use high-intensity intervals, bodyweight movements, odd objects, and conditioning equipment.

Best for fat-loss and cardiovascular fitness.

functional body building

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Body building

A focus on sculpting the body while also keeping the athlete functionally fit and healthy. Our program is built with numerous challenging, interesting, and fun exercises that are designed to get our members really strong. It's also great for fat-loss, cardiovascular fitness, toning, and muscle endurance.

ladies class

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Ladies Only Class

Private and fully equipped facility for ladies only. We offer a fun, friendly, and safe training environment emphasizing conditioning and strength. We also provide nutrition and weight loss advice with regular nutritional seminars. 

teens class

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Teens Class

Our emphasis for our Teen's class is on the base of strength and conditioning through general physical preparedness(GPP). We build a strong foundation that allows our young athletes to pursue all future sporting endeavors with confidence, enthusiasm, and physical fitness to be competitive along the way.


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This class is specifically designed to cater to children of ages 4 to 7.  The class is made up of fun games and group activities that encourage the development of hand-eye coordination, functional movement, and overall general physical preparedness. 

personal training

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Personal Training

After an initial assessment and chat, your chosen PT will design a program tailored to your individual needs and specifications.  PT instructor will adjust your program accordingly, making sure that you NEVER plateau or feel your progress falling away.