"Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree and I'll use the first 4 hours to sharpen the axe”

Astrid Schwarz


Age 32 years

Height Short cm

Weight 67 kgs

I was born on a farm in Dundee, South Africa. I started gymnastics at age 6 and became a competitive athlete in the sport up to the age of 15. After school I went to work in various fields of both corporate and retail for five years to pay my way through college. I then went onto studying Graphic Design in Cape Town, South Africa and finished off my studies in the UK. After my studies I went back to work in retail while my sister and I started a design business which eventually evolved into a fitness apparel line. Not long after starting CrossFit I combined my love for fitness and design into one. I started shadow coaching after receiving my L1, today I'm in Abu Dhabi pursuing continued growth as a coach and athlete.


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate (CF-L1)

CrossFit Level 1 Certificate (CF-L1)

Athlete Information

How I train

I train as hard and as smartly as I can. Whether alone or with others, whether with music or without. My mindset everyday is  "today I don't HAVE to train, today I GET to train"

My Athletic Background

Provincial Gymnast (RSA)

My Experience with Crossfit

I first walked into a box with my big brother who had been doing CrossFit for a short time. I returned with him the next day and started CrossFit. It didn't take long for me to quit my day job and started forging my life into a forward direction that would allow me to spend more time learning and training. CrossFit suited me more than anything I had ever done before. Soon after I went to get my Level 1 Cert and! Well! Here I am at Arena Fitness, CrossFit Abu Dhabi, continuing in on this journey of getting to be a part of peoples transformation as they pursue living fitter and stronger lives, both physically and mentally.

My time with Crossfit


I started CrossFit in Cape Town, South Africa in March 2015.

Personal Records

Placed 99th in the Africa Region in The Open 2017