Arena Fitness CrossFit gym coach Travis



My name is Travis and I am one of the coaches at Arena Fitness.

I am a CFL-1 Crossfit trainer. I was also one of the head coaches and facilitators of a body transformation challenge facility, specializing in weight loss, based in South Africa, which is where I am from. 

I have been involved in CrossFit training since 2016. I was encouraged to try CrossFit through my closest friend and have not looked back since. It has quite literally changed my life. Being a CrossFit coach allows me to engage with amazing people and help them better themselves and progress on their fitness journeys. 

I am a lover of foundational strength movements as well as the gymnastic aspects of this sport. I strive to ensure the best of all athletes, both novice and advanced, in a full class of or on a 1-1 personal training session. 

I really look forward to meeting you and helping you become the best of yourself.